Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heaven is for Real

When I first heard this book mentioned, I looked for reviews.
I like to read opinions on the book whether or not I agree with the opinions.
It is good to see and understand both sides of the story.
I must say that I was really shocked at the reviews.
They weren't necessarily bad, just saying the book is a little far fetched.
Many readers believe the parents coached the little 4 year old and that the little boy is just repeating stories he heard.
Personally, I didn't get that same feeling from the book.
Even being Catholic, I didn't get that feeling.
What I felt through the entire book is that little Colton did indeed fact have a visit to Heaven.
Even after reading all the reviews, respecting their opinions, I still didn't get that view.
I actually went into reading the book thinking it might be a little far fetched.

This book is an easy read.
It is a book that you won't want to put down.
I pray that many non believers start believing once finished.
I know Jesus is for real and those who believe in and trust what he did for us, go to Heaven.
To me, this book is just another example or sign that God IS REAL.
It made me believe he loves us more than I could ever imagine.
Many look for a sign that he is real.
Even with Church sermons, Mass and the Bible, some still need their own proof.
Jesus said ' Blessed who are those who did not see, yet believed'.
To some, it is still hard to believe,

The story is about a little boy, Colton, who goes in for an emergency surgery and almost dies. He enters Heaven, survives and over time begins talking about his experience. Little Colton met people he never knew, including his sister who his mother miscarried years before him. Neither of his parents mentioned it to him that his mom suffered a m/c. They also didn't know the baby was a little girl. It wasn't the details of Heaven that got to me but more so his matter of fact, straight forward answers and stories about is time there. Some of the things he said aligned perfectly with what the bible says. Things that an almost four year old couldn't make up or know about in great detail.

This book isn't for everyone.
Some might take offense or not agree with it.
If you are unsure about your Christian faith, give it a read.
If you like reading about miracles, give it a read.
If you like books that leave you with a good feeling, give it a read.
If you don't believe in religion and the Holy Spirit, this book probably isn't for you.
The dad, telling the story is a Pastor of a church in a little town.
Faith and religion plays a large part in this book.

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