Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Midweek check in

Our week has been fast and fantastic.
We've played until way past our bed time.
Ate lots of yummy food.
Have had more dessert in a few short days than most eat in a month.
Had good friends stay the night.
Listened to little girls laughter.
Best medicine ever.
Talked lots about our upcoming trip to Destin.
White sand.
Beautiful water.
Watched Strawberry Short cake many times.
Blew bubbles.
Watered the plants......okay maybe the dirt too.
Family time outside to enjoy the evening.
Bubble baths on accident.
Playing outside tonight after dinner and our bath.
Before our second bath.Watering the tree.
Notice her hand.
Girl is a girlie girl.Posing at BRU.
Loves loves loves to dress up.

A good friend and amazingly talented friend took some pictures of the girls today.

She is has so much talent.

I snapped one with my little cell phone camera.

It is in no way comparable to the ones she takes.

They were adorable and I know the pictures will be amazing!!

You can find her site here.

She does photography both in the DC area and in Texas.

HG was super excited to see our friends.

She of course picked our her clothes.

Would you expect anything else but pink?

Tomorrow is a big day for us.


Hopefully this weekend, we'll have some exciting news to announce.

HG only has 4 days of school left.

I'm very sad about it.

She loves it.

I love it.

1 comment:

  1. HG looks so cute in her yellow dress!!

    Kristin is so AMAZINGLY talented. I wish I was half as good as she is. Her photos are so beautiful!

    I got your texts today. That is GREAT news. I am so happy and thanks for sharing the good news with me. I always have you in my prayers!!! :))