Friday, May 13, 2011

I am missing a blog.

For the life of me, I can't remember what all was on that post.

Thank you Google for messing up the blogs for so long.

I click on others that are posted but not showing up either.

I guess it isn't just me. Yesterday was wear your favorite t shirt to MDO.

That means HG got to pick out her favorite t shirt.

On Wednesday night, we started on our project.

Narrowed it down to 3.

A white short sleeve Dora shirt.

Entirely too small.

A hot pink long sleeve Dora shirt.

And a light pink polka dot t shirt.

The last one is terribly cute.

As you can see, she chose the 2nd one.

It worked out well I guess.

Thursday was cooler.

She paired it with a black tutu, her matching hot pink ballet style shoes and matching bow.

We we arrived, her little buddy had his Cars shirt on.

Kids and their characters.

HG must have been worn out or the weather put a damper on her.

The above picture was before we even left the parking lot.

But don't let her fool you!

Main street Festival is this weekend.

She peeked out and saw the carnival rides.

She was wide awake.

Have you ever seen a skating fairy?

In the missing post, I posted about the Biscuit Lady.
I made her biscuits the other night.
The batch made 12 but I did 24 mini ones.
Great for left overs, right?
Well after dinner, there were no left overs.
They were amazing.

We had spaghetti and needed some bread.

They didn't exactly go together but soaked up the sauce nicely.

We did our typical sauce but put in tons of vegetables.

I'm talking like all the vegetables in the house.

It turned out nicely.

Great way to hide veggies.

Trying out the oh so cold pool on Tuesday.
It just hasn't been warm enough lately for a swim with all the rain.

This is right before I said be careful and stay on the carpet.
She skated into the bathroom (wood) and crashed.
Off came the skates.
She can wear two skates on carpet.
Or one skate on tile, wood, concrete, etc unless we are holding her.
I think she learned really fast....
that falling hurts!

I can't believe the cooler temps.
Tomorrow is supposed to be 71.
I had a super cute smocked dress out for HG to wear.
We're going to a show.
I think we'll be dressing a little warmer.
Ranger game after the show.
I wonder if it is bad to wear jeans to a nice show?

On another note, HG has asked for asparagus two nights in a row.
Last night, she brought them to me asking for beans.
She can't remember what they are called.
I'm thrilled!
I bake them for 15-20 minutes so they are crisp and not soft.
Covered in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic.
HG just can not get enough.
Must be served with ranch but hey, that is OKAY.
She is eating something most kids would never touch.
I know I didn't eat them until I was an adult.

Have a great weekend!
I'm craving pizza.
Maybe I can talk the husband into a pizza for lunch.
I know HG will be on my side.
I'm not sure if pizza is a good idea after my 2 bowls of Lucky Charms, blueberry yogurt and strawberries.
All in the last 2 hours.
Indigestion might be on his way.

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  1. I wish Boyd would eat asparagus. I wish he would eat any veggies!!!

    I love the skating fairy. :)

    I think next week we will be back to normal. Today I almost lost it but I kept my cool, I feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions lately. Monday Kevin is off and will be with Boyd, and Thursday we have an appointment, but other than that, maybe we can get together.