Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Invitations & thunder

Not many pictures today.

It was a normal day for us.

A normal day that involved very little cleaning or putting away of clothes.

Yes, bags are still packed from the weekend.

I think I might attempt to unpack them tonight so they get a little break.

HG is on her last very days of MDO.

She is very sad.

I assured her I was more upset about it.

She loves it.

I love it.

Today she came home talking about God and how she has to be quiet in Church now.

Maybe they learned about not talking in Mass today?

Ha, because she surely expresses her opinion when she joins us rather than the nursery.

While I school, I picked her up some dresses from Kohl's.

I saved $45.

I am not sure if I am giving them to her or they are her birthday.

Decisions, decisions.

Then I hit up Michael's for her birthday invitation items.

Yes, her birthday is in July.

We are having it right when we return from vacation.

June is going to fly by.

Time with Cousins.

Family coming to stay with us.

The husband travels for 10-15 days.

We're heading to Texarkana for those days.

I think you get the idea.

June will be over before it even really starts for us.

So.....with that being said......

I have ALL of her invitations almost done.

There wasn't too many luckily.

But cutting out Minnie ears was painful.

Hopefully I will have them all out by the 16th.

Different invitations we are mailing.

All are adorable.

HG loves them.

She can't wait.

I can't wait for a house for birthday parties again!

After school, we stopped for lemonade and ice cream.

Wow, all that sugar sent baby into flipping.

I can't feel a whole lot.

But I can feel her flipping.

I'm sure I'll start feeling her more and more over the next few weeks.

There are storms all over DFW once again this evening.

We have not yet been hit here in Grapevine yet.

Maybe they all went north of us.

Or maybe they are on their way.

I can hear thunder.

I have been watching dark clouds for 3 hours.

Not a drop of rain yet.

I have friends in Tulsa heading to safe houses right now.

I couldn't imagine.

So many prayers going out for them.

Tomorrow morning we are meeting friends at the park.

We are going to let the kids run all their energy off.

Hopefully the ground will be dry.

HG has a blanket she just has to take for a picnic.

And tons of strawberries already sliced in a container.

She loves her strawberries.

I was going to put her in bed tonight at 7.

Do I really want to wake at 7 in the morning?

I think we'll settle for 8.



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  1. It dawned on me I never came back and told you how cute I thought these invites are!!!! Love them!