Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ten Secrets

I saw this on a blog that I follow and thought it would be fun to participate in.

I have to agree with Mommy Musings, it is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

1. I am secretly glad that baby #2 is a girl. I just wanted a healthy baby and can.not.stand. people who have break downs over the sex of their child. I would have been over the moon if it was a little boy. BUT..#2 is the follow up of #1.

2. I was secretly terrified, not scared but terrified to tell HG if it was a baby boy. Silly, I know. But since day one, she had been so excited about her baby sister. She just knew it. She has been asking for a baby sister for a long time and I was terrified of her big crocodile tears. :(

3. I love pickles and mustard. I'm talking love it.
4. I once smacked a cowboy on his wedding night at the Tavern in the Gruene in Gruene, Texas. They were in a bar in thier wedding attire, flirting with me and he made a move and touched me in places he shouldn't have. ON HIS WEDDING NIGHT. I asked him nicely to please stop, tried to ignore him and then he started talking about the husband. I kept asking nicely for him to stop and finally said that I would stop it for him. Pop, right in the nose. I didn't even wrestle with my siblings so not sure where that came from. But I warned him numerous of times.

5. I have a coke addiction. Coca Cola Classic that is. I want my one a day. I crave it.

6. I'm sad Oprah is going off air. She's been a part of my life for like 26 years. I remember my mom and her friends watching it when I was really little.

7. I love All My Children. Trashy Soap but I have watched for years. I also love the name Greenley. Chris vetoed it.

8.I love parties. Kid parties are the best ever. I love helping others with parties. I miss my house in Keller terribly, one reason being the parties.

9. I love wine. Like love love love love wine. I love it with grapes and cheese (or a little cheese). I love it with Italian food. I love it in the bath tub. I love it with a good book and a thunder storm. I love it even on a tail gate. I hate that it stains your teeth. :)

10. I love that my dad is overly involved in our lives. He has learned not to cross the line so it is nice and enjoyable. I love that he is addicted to HG. Most parents, you only hear from them a couple times a month or once a week if lucky. Usually, he calls us each day or texts. It means a lot. He drives 3 1/3 hours just for a lunch or dinner date.


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  2. I love your #10, so special! :)