Friday, May 6, 2011

We are safe and sound in East Texas.

HG had to see Dr P this morning.

She got chicken minis first so she was ready.

5 days of Zithromax should fix her right up.

We played/shopped with my super sweet friend, Megan and her little ones this morning.

Her children are stunning.

All of their features just go together perfectly.

They had also been to their dr this morning and on the same meds.

There really must be something in the air.

Megan owns an adorable store called 2 Sprouts.

Part consignment, part homemade clothing.


While we were playing, Brooke came and us.

HG is always eager to hang out with Brooke.

She must know we'll end up at Target.

And she will come out with lots of random little goodies.

We had Amigo Juan for lunch with Poppy.


Play time with Darlin and Lucy, Brooke's cute labs.

HG loves puppies.

I think they enjoyed her snot. While we were at Megan's, we scored this $5 pair of roller skates.

They just happened to be Dora.

HG says this is the best gift ever.

This momma thinks it is a disaster waiting to happen.

We bought the helmet.

Elbow, knee and hand pads will come tomorrow.

I'm a mean momma, I will only let her wear one skate at a time.

That is after hitting the concrete at lunch.

Of course Poppy needed to roller skate as well.

Hopefully he is better at this than HG.

Speaking of disaster.

This picture speaks for itself.

Luckily, she had 3 licks and it ended up in a plastic cup.

BUT....we did stop to use the bathroom and a super cute lady told her she loved her shoes.

HG was wearing her hot pink ballet style shoes.

HG smiled really big.

The lady then proceeded to tell her we must have passed her earlier because she saw little pink shoes hanging out the window.

Yep, we rode about 10 miles and HG hung her feet out the window.

How red neck are we??!!

It took us 4 hours to get home on Thursday.

Never takes that long.

She was bored.

We have a super big day planned tomorrow.

Play date in the morning if HG sleeps well.

Our cousins are coming over to play tomorrow afternoon and evening.

Warm, sunny day means lots of water involved!

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